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Living room ideas
Some people call it a living room, others, a lounge, or more formally, a sitting room. But however you refer to it, there's no doubting this room's main purpose in your home: to be a comfortable space where the household can relax. These living room ideas will help you create your dream space however much you have to spend.

Whether you're looking for inspiration to completely redecorate or just want to give your space a quick refresh, we've got living room decorating ideas, styling tips and the best shopping advice to help you choose the perfect sofa or find the ideal colour for your walls.

Love pattern? Then check out our pick of the best living room wallpaper ideas. From alcove shelving to stylish media units, keep clutter at bay with some clever living room storage ideas and give rugs, cushions and other decorative accessories space to shine.

Even if you’ve got a tiny square footage to work with (if so – check out our small living room ideas) or pa…

James Franco, one of the latest Hollywood celebrities to be accused of sexual misconduct

Late Show with Stephen Colbert
James Franco, one of the latest Hollywood celebrities to be accused of sexual misconduct,addressed the rumors and allegations against him on The Late Show With Stephen ColbertTuesday night, denying everything.
After Colbert confirmed that he’d discussed the issue with Franco backstage first and that Franco was ready to speak, Franco began his statement. “There were some things on Twitter. I haven’t read them, I’ve heard about them,” he said. “In my life, I pride myself on taking responsibility for things that I’ve done. I have to do that to maintain my well-being. I do it whenever I know there’s something wrong or that needs to be changed; I make it a point to do it. The things that I heard that were on Twitter are not accurate. But I completely support people coming out and being able to have a voice, because they didn’t have a voice for so long. I don’t want to shut them down in any way. It’s, I think, a good thing, and I support it.” Franco’s reputati…

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Exclusive: The truth about Dan Bilzerian's income !

Have you ever wondered how this internet star with more than 10 million Facebook fans supports her lifestyle? Supervoiture, supermodel and private jet without any apparent effort. It sounds like a dream, does not it? Our team reveals the truth to you.

Dan claims to make a living from poker and recently, in an interview, Dan said he earned more than $ 50 million a year in poker. Unfortunately, the video of the interview has been removed from YouTube, but you can still find articles about these false claims. Here is one on If what he declares win by year is true, his fortune of 100 million dollars in total (Wikipedia Link) seems reasonable, is not it? We allowed ourselves to cast doubt on his statements and did a thorough search. Why do we suspect he could only win $ 100 million with poker? For even the greatest poker players in the world are only a fraction of what Dan claims to have won. In addition, Dan has never appeared in major poker tournaments, either offline o…

This Chinese family spent six months working out together and the transformation is stunning!

While having a goal of losing some weight is great, it is as taxing mentally as demanding it is physically. Social support is of utmost importance when one wants to change their lifestyle. Fortunately, for this Chinese family, they had the support of one another as they stuck it out for six months during their strict weight loss regime.

Chinese photographer, Jesse, 32, decided it was high time to lose some extra skin and prepare himself as he steps into fatherhood with his and his wife's soon to be born first child.  (Before)

It all started when Jesse's mother decided to temporarily move in with her son and his wife to help them ease into the initial stages of parenting. Using this as an opportunity, Jesse decided to invite his father over as well in an effort to strengthen the bond between the family.

A woman was raped and when the judge told him she was infected with AIDS, the shock occurred!

A young man named "Richard Thomas" sneaked into the house of a woman in Manchester at the age of 27.

After that the woman filed a complaint in the cause and the culprit was arrested and when he was interrogated he said he could not remember anything and was under anesthetic.

In the meantime, all the events are as ordinary as any case.
The judge sentenced the offender to five years in prison.
This did not affect Thomas and smiled at the judge.

 They left, but in passing the verdict, the judge said that within five years Thomas would be allowed to undergo treatment sessions Thomas said the judge thought he was an addict. This was what he told his lawyer, but the lawyer replied that he was sick with the "AIDS".

The woman who raped her was sick with AIDS and then burst into te

Italy may participate again in the World Cup because the Peru?

The Italian newspaper "Toto Sport" has indicated that there is hope that could lead Italy to qualify for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

The Peruvian team, whose football federation may be suspended by FIFA, is credited with this.

According to press reports, the Peruvian national football team could be excluded from the World Cup for political reasons.

The Italian newspaper said: Italy to the World Cup thanks to Peru? .. As the sport of the country in its worst stages, the opportunity opened again before the Azzurri to qualify for the World Cup.

The Italian newspaper said Italians should thank the Peruvian senator, Paloma Nuseda, who is seeking government control of the country's local union, in a way that prevents the re-election of members of sports federations.