Source of Happiness

Accept what you cannot change. For this step, you need items from your list with minus signs as well as an open heart and mind.  In reading through these items, you might decide that some can be turned into plus signs, which is great. But in the end, some will be left sitting there as things you cannot change. They might include things like unrequited love, a certain relative or coworker, a health condition, or your age. Your goal is to make peace with these things. Realize that stressors are put in your life for a reason. We grow from facing difficulties; we become our best selves. Rather than feeling upset about the things you cannot change, feel grateful. Say “thank you” for the opportunity to grow. Each challenge presents a lesson to be learned. What is the underlying lesson? Is it patience, persistence, empathy,forgiveness, love? Keep in mind that although you learn the lesson, you will continuously be tested to ensure you are on track.Image associée
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