Things Every Guy Should Know About His Girlfriend

1. The name of her first love and major heartbreak. While snuggling in bed one night, ask her to play a game where you take turns telling each other about your firsts — first kiss, first sex, first dumping. Go first to set the tone. Feel free to make your re-tellings hilarious.
2. How she takes her coffee. 
3. Her lingerie sizes. 
4. What her childhood obsession was. 5. Her food likes and dislikes and peccadilloes.
6. Her preferred engagement ring style. 
7. What she really wants for her birthday or Christmas that she hasn’t dropped numerous hints about. 
8. Her tampon brand. 
9. Her preferred home decor style. 

10. Her favorite book of all time. 

11. Her “I just had the worst day” protocol. 
12. The song that puts her in the mood. 
13. Her favorite scent. 
14. The first concert she went to.
15. Her dream vacation destination. 
16. Her preferred arguing style and love language.Image associée
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