I'm cheating on my boyfriend or girlfriend. (Opinions)

1.Yes it does. Cheating isn't a solution! If you are not happy with your partner you simply talk about it with them and if things don't work out with you, you leave them. Why would you want to cause them pain? By cheating you're literally crushing them. They will always feel insecure because of you. They will think that they are not good enough and that they don't deserve to be with someone. Cheating is not a solution. At least don't cause your partner pain.

2.No, you're not a bad person. It's just a matter of time when you'll be clear of your choice. And every thing will be back in their places. Don't ever degrade yourself.

3.You're not a bad person, we are all humans with emotions that are hard to understand at times! However, it is important to think about how your actions might hurt your boyfriend or girlfriend. Are their feelings important to you? By talking to your significant other about the problem, you can end the relationship and move on to a person who you feel happier with. Talking about it can also lead to the two of you working on your problems, which means a healthier relationship!

4.personally I don't believe in cheating.. but I will look at the wider scale of life there are a lot of reasons why people cheat and without knowing the actually reason why one cheat we cant say the person is bad. there are many things that can lead to cheating such as: lack of emotional support ( social , physically) etc boredom ( long years of relationship and want to experience something new) there are many reasons but these are the two main ones. in order to indicate whether the person is bad or good best to know why he/ she cheated empathize then a decision can be made there after...
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