Best Free sites to win money and bitcoins

You earn Bitcoin the same way you earn any other currency, by exchanging your labor, goods, or services for it. Figure out what you can offer of value to people and then do that but offer a discount if they pay in Bitcoin. Or you can simply buy Bitcoin outright using the currency you've already earned.
Here's some ways to facilitate earning Bitcoin :
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Video Streaming
Social Media/Content Creation
File Sharing

CoinofMidas. Pay for Clicks. Check it out. Thanks to Phil for the tip. Hasn’t paid out for me in a long time.
Senor Bitcoin – New (and Funny) Faucet in mixed english and spanish. Not yet paid out for me, but probably worth a visit by you.
Virtual Faucet – Pays out every 30 minutes and doesn’t bombard you with ads. Simple, easy, and efficient.
BitVisit – Advertise and Visit sites for BTC!
FreeBTCpt – I’m pretty sure this was linked in earlier blog posts, but I cant seem to find it now. So, I am reposting it as a new link since many of you haven’t seen it.
CanHasBitcoin? – A particularly memeish faucet.
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