How to make my wife happy everyday

I can take a minute out of my day to text my wife a love note, knowing that it might have just broken up her possibly stressful day and brought a smile to her face. Little things like this are meaningful to her because they remind her I'm thinking of her.
For example: grocery shopping; I can’t count how many times I’ve seen a husband and wife grocery shopping and the husband gets in the car without taking the grocery cart back to the rack. If you went to the grocery store on a date (which would be weird) you can guarantee that guy would take that cart. See what I mean? Just because marital tasks don’t often exist in the dating world doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be approached with the same chivalry in the wedded world.

Some men have a more natural tendency to do this. If you are not one of them, I ask for you to step back and actually take a nice long look at your wife. What about her attracts you? It doesn't necessarily have to be physical. It could be the amazing chicken she made the other night. Or, the way she rocks your new baby girl to sleep every night. Find things that your admire and TELLher! Even a quick slap on the butt in private can make your wife smile. Let her know you are thinking about her and how great she really is.
We can change the way our partners view our intentions just by becoming more thoughtful. I want my wife to be happy. That's when she's at her best. I want the best for her. Why would I not put her feelings first? Be consistent and make a commitment to making your wife happy. You'll never regret it.

I learned this lesson the hard way too. If you’re going through a difficult time in your marriage and you need advice, see a counselor. Family counseling is a great tool, but try to remember that your family members and friends are not the most objective people to give advice. The argument they are hearing is one-sided and they often build up negative feelings toward your spouse, which usually doesn’t subside once you and your husband have gotten past it. Protect his image with those that you’re close with and seek help from those that can actually be objective.  News flash, ladies – your mother cannot be objective!

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