How to Shoot a Pictures Perfect Beach

  • The right time of day
  • Reflections on the Water
  • They work best when the sun is directly to your left or right when you’re composing the shot. For this reason, they’re best used in the morning or late afternoon when the sun is lower in the sky.
  • Naturally, image quality isn't just about the camera body and has arguably even more to do with the attached lens. 
  • Finding a beautiful background is usually the easy part. You want to pay attention to the small details, however. Are there any trash cans, guardrails, buildings, cars,  or other unsightly objects in your background. Once you've picked your location, you must decide whether it will be a  morning, or evening, shoot.
  • If the ocean water is smooth and waveless (most likely to happen early or late in the day), you can often capture reflections of piers, boats, and other objects. Extremely shallow water, like the fine film of water left on the beach after a wave, is also a prime area for capturing reflections. If you are using a polarizing filter to help with increasing the blue in the sky or water, you'll want to remove it when photographing reflections as this filter tends to reduce the reflective effect.
  • Discover Your Best Personal Pose.
  • Give Yourself a Good Background.
  • Enjoy wearing a swimsuit and being around your friends and having vanity moments .
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