4 Secrets about Sexual Relationships !

What do you know about women and their concerns regarding sexual relations?

Here are a bunch of secrets that most women do not follow, but inevitably you need to be aware of :

1. Women need more time :

A man should be well aware that a woman's mind works in a completely different way than a man. If a man weakens when he sees a woman taking off her clothes, women will not let this matter.

Women may need more time and attempts to interact with this situation, so try more than one attempt to attract them. Experiments in arousing women do not mean failure, but are just attempts to seduce them. Even if they do not, they certainly satisfy them.

Make sure that the relationship between men and women does not have fixed rules based on right and wrong, but on the consensus between the parties.

"Women need more time than men to get their senses, so if a man is interested in satisfying her, he should be careful to give her enough time to seduce her heart and senses," says April Masini. In fact, most women do not tell the partner these feelings, and often do not try to frustrate their husbands, and do not show them their negative feelings towards the speed of men.

"So what is the solution? The answer is to be told by a man. This will make the woman feel valued and contribute to deepening the romantic bonds between the two partners," Masini said. "It only needs to be tried more than once.

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2 - Women also feel bored :

The mistake that most men make is trying to record records during this relationship with regard to their duration. This is a matter of boredom for women. Some men may do this to prove something to themselves.

Do you realize what you are doing with your partner? You make her want to finish this thing as soon as possible, because she feels bored and does not enjoy! "I respect women's needs and do not always pay for sexual relations," says Jackie Oliver.

Psychiatric treatment Tina Tesina suggests that women need to talk about sexuality and become partners. They need to listen to what they want to say about this relationship. Remember that dialogue is not one-sided. You can satisfy her and react to her.

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3. Sex movies are not a successful guide :

If you are one of those who watch sex movies and compare their marital relationships with what they see, you are in a serious error. What you see in those films does not reflect reality in any way.

To ask a woman to become a sex film girl is very frustrating for many reasons. The most important of these is that the scenes of these films are unrealistic and are more like film scenes that are filmed in more than one angle several times.

Also, many women do not prefer the "dirty sex" that is presented in these films, so if you ask or expect women to share these feelings, then you carry a heavy burden and not enjoyable.

4. look to yourself in the mirror :

Women usually make a great effort to appear wonderfully and provocatively in front of you, wearing sexy clothes and putting makeup and perfume and use many of their tools, but also feel disgusted if your smell is not good or the smell of your mouth is foul or your hair shaggy.

These simple and treatable things cause a woman to hate these minutes, try to make her feel that you are interested in your appearance in front of her. What do you know about women and their concerns regarding sexual relationship? If you review your information and experience with your partner, you may only reflect your personal needs, not your needs. Women feel a real desire to reveal many secrets about the sexual relationship that men do not know, and often hidden by women because of shyness or unwillingness to feel negative feelings towards men.
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