Daily Mail: Emirati businessman buys virgin American girl for $ 3 million!

An American girl offered her virginity for sale in order to get her travel and study costs in a decision she described as a form of emancipation of women. The buyer was an Emirati businessman.

This is not the first time a girl has sold her virginity. This trend has surfaced over the Internet for 12 years. Through the specialized website Cinderella Escorts, this  American " Giselle" 19 old, sold her virginity to an Emirati man for 2.5 million euros .

According to the site, the auction saw large demand offers, and the win was the end of an Emirati businessman beat a representative of Hollywood by a margin.

"I never imagined the show would be a big number," said the young woman, who is involved in some fashion shows and studies, as she decided to register at the German-based site to pay for tuition and travel. It 's a dream come true.
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"In fact, a woman can do whatever she wants in her body, live her life bravely, and have the freedom to choose her sexuality, Criticism is a sign of liberation. "

According to Daily Mail, the site owner will receive 20% of the deal.

Source: RT
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