Doctors: beating children in future causes mental disorders.

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American doctors believe that beating children creates difficulties in their social adjustment in the future.

After a study of more than 8,300 volunteers between the ages of 19 and 97, US doctors and scientists at the University of Michigan revealed the amount of corporal punishment they received in their childhood, who later reviewed various medical centers.

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More than half of those surveyed were subjected to corporal punishment by their parents for long periods of childhood and adolescence, and males had the greatest share of punishment, which lasted from childhood to the age of 18.

According to the report, spanking may reduce the brain's grey matter, the connective tissue between brain cells. Grey matter is an integral part of the central nervous system and influences intelligence testing and learning abilities. It includes areas of the brain involved insensory perception, speech, muscular control, emotions and memory

Additional research supports the hypothesis that children and adolescents subjected to child abuse and neglecthave less grey matter than children who have not been ill-treated.
After studying the social aspects of people's lives, they found that these "abuses" in the form of frequent and harsh physical punishments during the educational process not only increase the fear of pain but also cause psychological problems in children in the developmental stage and create a psychological contract that makes them socially disobedient Future.

There’s going to be lot of people that think that a parent absolutely needs to use physical force to raise a compliant child .

It’s pretty well established that physical abuse has a negative impact on mental health, but this is showing the same effect even when you look at milder forms of physical force. This is saying that physical punishment should not be used on children of any age .

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