France agrees to a referendum on the independence of New Caledonia

The French government announced that it had reached an agreement with the territory of New Caledonia, on the territorial referendum on its independence.

Prime Minister Edward Philippe said in a statement to BFMTV that New Caledonia had been agreed to organize a referendum in accordance with the 1998 law on decolonization in succession to the Pacific archipelago, which belongs to French provinces and territories.

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The prime minister said no exact date had been set, pointing out that the date of the referendum would be before November next year.

It is worth mentioning that many regions in the eastern and western world have been striving in recent years for independence itself either on the basis of ethnic or geographic, where the observers of this phenomenon, seen in both Catalonia and the Kurdistan region of Iraq, as well as Caledonia, that this desire is based Primarily on the principle of "the right of peoples to self-determination", which appeared at the beginning of the twentieth century after the end of the First World War.

Source: Agencies
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