Best bookquotes ever.

  • I feel as if my youth has suddenly been taken away from me, and it seems to me that I have lived in this world for ninety years. - Chekhov -

  • In my life there were two major transformations: the first when my father sent me to Oxford, and the    second when the community sent me to jail.  -Oscar Wilde-

  • I want to find justification to survive,
         To endure the horrific daily scene of disease, ugliness, injustice and death. - Nikos Kazantzakis -
  • How does one impose his authority on another person, Winston?
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         Winston thought then he said: to make him suffer! -George Orwell-
  • Isolation is a small angle where one stands in front of his mind. -Dostoevsky-
  • The world is a comedy for those who think, a tragedy for those who feel. -Horace and Paul-
  • I feel that I will be blown away by all that life offers me ... from the possibilities of death ... I feel that I am dying of loneliness, of love, of despair, of hatred, of everything that this world gives me.          - Emile Cioran -
  • The stronger the mind is, the more inclined to isolation.  -Aldous Huxley -
  • Rarely is a lonely fool.  -Beckett-
  • The only way to deal with a non-free world is to be absolutely free, so that just being there is a kind of rebellion.  -Albert Camus-
  • When I die Anna, bury me here or wherever you want, but remember well, do not bury me in the tomb of Volkovoy in the graveyards of the writers, I do not want to lie between my enemies. It is enough for me that I have suffered both of them in my life.
- Dostoevsky's will for his wife -

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