Record numbers in sex !!

1. The longest penis : 34.2 cm
Jonah Falcon is the American actor and writer with the largest rod in the world, 24.3 cm long, with a length of 34.29 inches, erect.
Falcon described himself as a matron of sexual identity and acts as producer and actor as well.
Falcon attracted media attention after appearing in the 1999 HBO document, Rolling Stone Magazine, and a documentary on Channel 4 of the English Television as the world's largest penis, and offered him to join the sex film industry. But he refused: "It's easy to get out my penis but it will not help me make it work." Shari'a.
In 2012 he was arrested by the airport security department at the California airport for having a large mass in his underwear after passing on the metal detector and the body scanner. He was exposed to the second man, the owner of the penis, and was released after that.

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2-largest female vagina (48.26 cm)
The largest female member was the Scottish giant Anna Swan, who lived from 1846 to 1888.
This remarkable woman, which has received a number of records due to its magnitude, was born in a natural size and began to grow terribly in its childhood, and reached its maximum length at the age of 19 years with a length of 235 cm !!
She went to the countryside and left the city where she fell in love with Captain Martin Bates and they married in 1872 and were considered the last couple in the world so far and the couple succeeded in their marriage and founded a small hotel full of wonderful furniture On 18/6/1879 put the first born in history weighing 13 kg Gram and 85 cm in height and was recorded as the largest child in history at the Cleveland Museum of Health and widened her vagina to a depth of 16 cm to remove the head of this huge child, a record number.
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3 - Extinguish a huge amount of semen (570 cm)

Horst Schultz achieved the record by dumping a seminal amount of semen 570 cm and also achieved the highest height 376 cm and the fastest speed of ejaculation at 42.7 kilometers per hour.

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4. The oldest prostitute (82 years old) :
Prostitution is the oldest profession in history, as we know. In this framework, the Thai police in Thai Bai city spotted a 82-year-old girl named Grandma.
This professional prostitute has been a prostitute for 40 years after the death of her husband, who has been married for 20 years and still has male admirers even at this age.

5-The largest group sex party :
Japan recorded a record high where 250 men and 250 women were sent to a mass sex party. The sex party was held in a large dormitory with cameras for professional photographers who recorded the event in full.
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Although it was a group sex party, 250 couples were free from sexually transmitted infections, tested by strict medical tests and all sex lovers had sex with each other only. The ceremony was filmed with high-quality techniques available on CDs.

6. The number of men who have sex with one woman (919 men in one day)
Lisa Sparks, a US porno actress, sexed with 919 men in one day, in 2004 in Poland, in the third annual Gang Bang party (sex of many men with one woman)

Lisa Sparks topped the previous two figures, 646 and 759 respectively.

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7- the standard figure for the longest period of masturbation of a man (10 hours)

Massanobosato recorded the record in 2009 in a competition held at the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco. The Japanese boy continued masturbation for 9 hours and 58 minutes. The Japanese boy has all this distance with various sexual aids. Last year he achieved 9 hours and 33 minutes.

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