Scientists: The possibility of other planets around our sun.

Astronomers have discovered a ring of gas and dust orbiting the star of Proxima Centauri as the nearest star of the sun, 4.2 light years away.

"This may indicate that there are other planets in this star system other than Proxima-B, a planet-like planet discovered by astronomers, in August 2016," said.

William Englada, one of the scientists responsible for the discovery, said the results of astronomical observations confirm that the star system Proxima Centauri may include planets whose interaction has formed a ring of dust.

Proxima Centuri is a meteorite telescope located in the Chilean Atacama Desert. The dust and gas belt is located hundreds of millions of kilometers away from star Proxima Centauri. The temperature in the belt is estimated at about 230 degrees Celsius, which is roughly equivalent to the temperature of the Cooper belt in our solar system as a huge conglomeration of fragments of space objects in the remote suburbs of the solar system.

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Astronomers believe that the belt of dust and gas circling the star of Proxima Centauri may also consist of asteroids with a diameter of a few kilometers and small fragments resulting from the formation of planets.
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