The story of the celebration of the most expensive pizza in history sold at a price of 10000 Bitcoin !!

May 22 every year celebrates the day of the Petequin Community Day of the Pizza House, where a small celebration of the various companies of the emerging Petkwin or by individuals, this celebration where the pizza is the main meal for a good reason.
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What is the story of a pizza house?

Pizza Day is a day celebrated by the community of Petequin, the first purchase of pizza in the currency of Petequin, and the story dates back to 22 May 2010 when the programmer Laszlo Hanyecz put an announcement in one of the most famous forums where 10,000 BTC to buy two units of pizza.

At the same time, the price of Betcuen was worth only a few centimes, and there were no sites to accept Petequin. His main goal, he said, was to create a challenge to encourage others to pay more attention to digital currency.
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The reason for celebrating the day is the patecoin pizza :

Laszlo's price in 2010, which was accepted by one of the members, was not very tempting considering the trading of Petequin on a very narrow scale. Even if you owned it, you had nothing to do but keep it and believe in a good future for the digital currency. In 2012, websites began to highlight the sale of pizzas in the Pitcuene, which occurred in 2010 and compare its price at the current price.

 Since then, on May 22 of each year, the day of the celebration of the community of the most expensive pizza in history, who sold the pizza and reached 10,000 BTC He has $ 2.4 million at the price of the day.

Laszlo, who introduced 10,000 BTCs for pizza, said at reddit he was very proud of what he did, proving to everyone that he could make a digital currency market at a time when everyone was afraid of it.
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