The success of the first human head transplant in the world !

Scientists have succeeded in carrying out a head transplant and are ready to carry out the operation on a living person, according to the famous surgeon Sergio Cannavero.

Sergio Cannaviro has earned his fame by demanding a human head transplant. He notes that the success of the experiment on the body of a human being for the first time in history shows that his plan for a head transplant is now ready for implementation.

The successful transplantation of the body shows that modern medical techniques developed to re-link the spine, nerves and blood vessels will allow the body to co-exist with the head well, and it also appears that the surgery can reach the goal to be achieved by 18 hours.

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Cannavero's intentions were controversial, and he earned a bad reputation for such operations. He reported that he had his first patient, a Russian man named Valery Spiridonov, who would keep his head frozen and put on a new donor body.

"The first human head transplant has been done," the surgeon said. "The next stage is to transfer the head of donor bodies whose brains have died."

"This is the first such operation in the world to be carried out successfully, although it is clear that this will only be achieved if someone undergoes this process and is able to live effectively afterwards," Telegraph was quoted as saying at a conference in Vienna.

Although Cannaviero has provided numerous evidence of the success of such a process on living people, including its efficacy in mice and monkeys, doctors warn of its horrific consequences for living humans, which may lead to "worse death" than the terrible suffering that will result from Adapt to a new body.

Source: Independent
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