Trump invades the Internet with a funny attitude !

US President Donald Trump raised the attention of journalists and Internet users at Tarif's position during a speech at the White House.

The situation occurred when Trump delivered his speech on the occasion of his return from his first Asian official tour, where he cut his speech to search the bottom of the podium about the bottle of water did not find it, and then repeated and cut again to find the bottle and drink water directly.

ترامب يغزو الإنترنت بموقف طريف!

Some users of social networking sites took advantage of this position to remind Trump of Twitter, which he had previously posted on Twitter, criticizing Marco Rubio, the candidate for the presidency, when he said that he should drink water from the glass, not directly from the bottle.

In the comments on that twinkle, they posted the shot from which he drank water directly from the bottle, hinting that others should not be criticized.

"He did the same, he had to open the bottle and his eyes on the lenses of the journalists, but it's okay for the first time," Marco Rubio was quoted as saying in a tweet on Twitter.

Source: Novosti

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