US court allows Trump ban

The ruling affects arrivals from Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and Chad, while not affecting people from two other countries included in the ban - North Korea and Venezuela.

A US appeals court in California has allowed some of the latest travel ban issued by President Donald Trump to go into effect.
The Court held that the Government could prevent the entry of persons from six Muslim majority States if they had no family links within the United States.
The San Francisco-based San Francisco Circuit Court of Appeals approved a part of Trump's request to suspend a lower court order suspending the new ban.
A judge in the state of San Francisco has blocked the latest attempt by President Donald Trump to impose restrictions on the entry of citizens of eight countries to the United States.
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The restrictions imposed by the decree vary by country, and all North Koreans and Chad are prohibited from entering US territory, while the ban on Venezuela is limited to members of government bodies and their families.

Source: Agencies
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