Where is the world's most clean air?

No one wants to live among the piles of garbage and the breathing of toxic gases, which means that everyone has to assess the environmental situation around them, and fight the major risks that can threaten it.

In 2008, researchers from Yale University in the United States developed an integrated approach to quantitative assessment of the environmental situation and pollution rate in different countries of the world, called the Environmental Performance Index (EPI), which covers 99% of the world, Many aspects of life, such as the level of agricultural development, water purity, forest resources, the amount of carbon emitted from the environment, the level of exposure to pollution and the impact on human and other health.

Yale University's experience has shown that as the EPI index rises somewhere, air purity in that country increases. The experience that began in 2008 and continues to this day shows that there are countries that have managed to achieve harmony between the civilizational and industrial development and the environment, and the Nordic countries are ranked first in the list.Image associƩe

The Yale experience has clearly demonstrated that technological advances do not lead to environmental degradation if the environment is properly dealt with. It also showed that the most polluted countries in the world are those that live in the pre-industrial revolution in South Asia and Africa, as shown in the map of the environmental situation.

As for Russia, everything is fine with regard to the environmental situation in the country, because of the distribution of industrial production sites on a large area of ​​land.

Source: Xpress Online
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