A woman was raped and when the judge told him she was infected with AIDS, the shock occurred!

A young man named "Richard Thomas" sneaked into the house of a woman in Manchester at the age of 27.

After that the woman filed a complaint in the cause and the culprit was arrested and when he was interrogated he said he could not remember anything and was under anesthetic.

In the meantime, all the events are as ordinary as any case.
The judge sentenced the offender to five years in prison.
This did not affect Thomas and smiled at the judge.

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 They left, but in passing the verdict, the judge said that within five years Thomas would be allowed to undergo treatment sessions Thomas said the judge thought he was an addict. This was what he told his lawyer, but the lawyer replied that he was sick with the "AIDS".

The woman who raped her was sick with AIDS and then burst into tears and collapsed completely.
SIDA is a deadly disease that enters the human body, destroys the immune system and disrupts its vital functions. It is a viral disease associated with HIV, known as HIVV. It is considered the main cause of the immune deficiency in the patient. It kills the cells that are resistant to other diseases. AIDS, which can not be diagnosed by blood testing until three months after the infection, and its signs appear years after the infection, and there is currently no vaccine against it, and available drugs do not fully treat the disease.
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