Exclusive: The truth about Dan Bilzerian's income !

Have you ever wondered how this internet star with more than 10 million Facebook fans supports her lifestyle? Supervoiture, supermodel and private jet without any apparent effort. It sounds like a dream, does not it? Our team reveals the truth to you.

Dan claims to make a living from poker and recently, in an interview, Dan said he earned more than $ 50 million a year in poker. Unfortunately, the video of the interview has been removed from YouTube, but you can still find articles about these false claims. Here is one on Pokerstrategy.com. If what he declares win by year is true, his fortune of 100 million dollars in total (Wikipedia Link) seems reasonable, is not it? We allowed ourselves to cast doubt on his statements and did a thorough search. Why do we suspect he could only win $ 100 million with poker? For even the greatest poker players in the world are only a fraction of what Dan claims to have won. In addition, Dan has never appeared in major poker tournaments, either offline or online. So even if he makes money through poker, his earnings will probably not exceed one million.

Here is a quote from the interview of Anthony Zinno - ranked 4th world poker player:

I have been very involved in offline poker and online it's been 12 years and know all the big names in this field. From what I read, I'm not the only person who has never heard of Dan Bilzerian. All serious players know that the biggest poker winners play cash games, not tournaments. Online players also know that each of the biggest stakes players in the world earns a maximum of $ 10 million a year, not 50.

So we can conclude that Dan Bilzerian does not make his fortune through poker, it's just a cover he uses. But what is he really doing? We had to look elsewhere, but after months of investigation, we can say that we are 99% sure of having discovered the truth. Dan gave some clues through social networks, but the biggest evidence of his real income came in 2014 with the famous iCloud leak scandal, where Dan was hacked and his private photos were revealed on the internet. In one of these photos, we can see it using a strange software on computer to trade in the binary options market.

In addition to this photo revealed, a few months ago Dan shared a Tweet thanking a person unknown so far: James Torn. The tweet was deleted in the hour after its publication, but luckily somebody had time to take a screenshot. We suspect he posted this tweet drunk.

Who is this James Torn? We worked hard to find the answer. After hours of research on the web, we found a link that redirected us to the trading software that Dan used in the 2014 photo. There are hundreds of such software, all claiming to generate thousands of $ per day automatically. Of course, most of them are useless and do not work in the real world. But would it not be possible for at least one of them to work? It seems that is the case.

Our next goal was to get a link to this mysterious software in order to determine if it is a scam more or not. After countless failures and tons of impostors claiming to be James Torn and wanting to sell us their fake software for more than 50000$ in some cases, we finally got our hands on this software, and believe it or not: the real software developed by James Torn is 100% free and available to everyone.

Five of our columnists installed the software and deposited a few hundred euros on the binary options market to test it (the minimum deposit being $ 250). We could not believe our eyes - it really works! The software automatically trades and after ten days of use, we can say with certainty that its algorithm predicts a winning investment with 83% efficiency. What does it mean? This means that 83% of the investments that the software makes (1 per minute) are winning. Say you invest with 10 $ for one hour. In this hour the software will trade 60 times, earning on average 49.8 of the investments made. Each time you win, you earn $ 90 (including 10% commission). Every time you lose, you lose all 10 €. After one hour, the $ 10 invested becomes $ 448.2. And the sum has been won without risk and without increasing bids! Can you imagine doing the same investment, but this time with 100 $ or even 1000 $ instead of 10 $?

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